On-Demand Data-Analyst Skills

I worked on a small data mining project over the weekend. I focused on the recent job postings in the past three weeks containing a data analyst title on LinkedIn. Job posters differed in industries, some were in retail, tech, transportation, banking, including job search platforms looking for a data analyst on LinkedIn. After the data collection process, I data mined the job requirements section of each post.
I collected the data in a CSV file, then ran it through Tableau for better visualization results.


SQL ranked as the most required skill. It is one of the core elements of data analytics. Data analysts use SQL  prior to  doing any data mining, data analysts run queries to select the required data and omit what’s not needed. This skill ranked in the top of the job postings requirements.

Tableau is a GUI and user-friendly program which requires a license, it is similar to PowerBI, it provides data visualization and various analytical tools.

Python is a programming language used in many jobs, developing web apps, software development, task automation, ML, data analytics, and much more. It possesses several libraries for data analytics, some of the well-known libraries used in this field are Numpy, Matplotlib, Pandas, and many more.

R is a programming language and environment for statistical computing and graphics developed in the 60s and 70s at Bell Laboratories. It is slightly more difficult to learn in comparison with Python, but it is robust and has quality plots and graphics, it is open source.


In conclusion, there are surely several skills and tools that aren’t mentioned in this research, however, all top four skills are used in the majority of the data analytics roles. All four top skills that are on-demand are included in most data analytics graduate programs or in certification programs. 

What do you prepare to learn to become a data analyst?

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Python programming use in Data Analytics
R Programming Language use in Data Analytics
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