On-Demand Data-Analyst Skills

Over the weekend, I completed a data mining project that focused on recent job postings for data analysts on LinkedIn. I gathered data from job postings across multiple industries, including retail, tech, transportation, banking, and job search platforms. Using Tableau, I visualized the job requirements data that I collected in a CSV file, allowing for easier analysis and interpretation. By examining trends in job requirements for data analyst positions, my project highlights key skills and qualifications desired by employers in this field.


SQL is the most in-demand skill for data analysts, as it is a fundamental component of data analytics. Before conducting any data mining, analysts use SQL to query and select the necessary data while filtering out extraneous information. Job postings consistently rank SQL as a top requirement for data analyst positions.

Tableau is a user-friendly, GUI-based program that requires a license. Similar to PowerBI, it offers powerful data visualization and analytical tools that allow for easy interpretation and analysis of complex data sets.

Python is a versatile programming language used in a variety of fields, including web app development, software development, task automation, machine learning, and data analytics. It comes equipped with numerous libraries specifically designed for data analytics, such as Numpy, Matplotlib, and Pandas.

R is an open-source programming language and environment that was developed in the 1960s and 1970s at Bell Laboratories. Though it can be more challenging to learn than Python, it offers robust statistical computing and graphics capabilities, making it a popular choice among data analysts. Its quality plots and graphics are especially noteworthy.


In summary, while there are undoubtedly other skills and tools utilized in data analytics, the top four skills highlighted in this research are consistently in demand across the field. These skills are commonly included in data analytics graduate programs and certification programs. Aspiring data analysts can benefit from learning SQL, Tableau, Python, and R to prepare for a career in the field. By mastering these essential skills, individuals can position themselves for success in a variety of data analytics roles.

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